Selfcomposer CMS Critical Vulnerability

I was been in contact with the staff of such company and they fixed the vulnerabilities. Now the cms is safe from any type of attack. I must say also that they are a very kind and qualified team… Finally has been a pleasure to work with them.

Selfcomposer is an italian Content management system (CMS). This cms has won many awards in the last years, I’m sincerely shocked about that because it’s affected by serveral SQL Injectionvulnerabilities.

I found this vulnerability because i’m looking for buying a secure cms for my new site… I don’t like so much that the first lamer around the world could deface my domain. So I suggest you to be careful when you look for thing like cms, scripts and so on.

==== =={ Advisory 14/5/2010 } ======

SQL injection vulnerability in SelfComposer CMS

Vendor's Description of Software:
Application Info:
Name: SelfComposer
Vulnerability Info:
Type: SQL injection Vulnerability
Risk: High
Time Table:
06/05/2010 - Vendor notified.

Additional Info:
All the input passed via "idprod", "idpadrerif", "idreferenza", "idpadrerifIstituzionali"
is not properly sanitised before being used in a sql query.
Input validation of "idprod", "idpadrerif", "idreferenza", "idpadrerifIstituzionali"
parameters should be corrected.
# http://[site]/scheda.asp?idprod=[SQLi]&idpadrerif=[SQLi]
# http://[site]/schedaistituzionale.asp?idreferenza=[SQLi]&idpadrerifIstituzionali=[SQLi]
Discoverd By: Locu
Contacts: xlocux[-at-]

============ {EOF} =============


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