Joomla Site FingerPrint

I just finished to build a security component for joomla, this addon allow you to create a fingerprint scan for each file on your site so will be easy to find hacked files.

Through the “Finger Print” option the component generate an unique hash (md5) for each file.

Then using the “Scan Now” option is possible to verify every modified or new files added.

To run the tool in local environment you should change this 2 lines from “admin.sitefingerprint.html.php” rows 54 and 122:

foreach (scanning($basepath) as $key=>$file)


foreach (scanning('/localpath') as $key=>$file)

Actually the component is just a poc,  I will add more options in the future, stay tuned.

You can find a video tutorial here.

I made a little change in the fingerprint function, now to make the fp you need to insert a password. The password is hardcoded in “admin.sitefingerprint.html.php” line 15 and must be encrypted with sha1. As usual any comment or suggestion is welcome. You can find the version 1.2 here

Password: locu

MD5 CheckSum: 530316ef1a445fd2040b5af930e55b7d



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