I’m very busy lately with job and real life, however I found a bit of time to write this post about a tool I’ve coded few months ago. The  purpose of this application is to increase the click’s amount on your site.

In few words the tool use a list of proxies (You need to upload the file “iplog.php” on your server to check the proxies) to navigate on the webpage you provide in order to improve the visits to a specific article, or more than one using the multiboost options. RankB00ster can also retrive links from rss feed or xml map.

I’m too lazy to write the readme so, if you have any questions about the tool or bugs, just leave a message. I will make a video regarding the usage soon, stay tuned.

Net FrameWork 3.5 is required to run the tool.

The program can be found here the password is “locu”.

Rar MD5 CheckSum : 1b8fa22c6142d69c3e447130a13896ff


BitCoin Hash: 13ptqWWvsNvm6ZZczmoPkyfa6RLt7yU64E


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