Windows Phone 7: SecMes

Recently I bought a “Samsung Omnia 7”  and I have started some projects, just to get more feeling with the work enviroment, I found a very poor framework, many apis are not yet implemented and silverlight sucks, anyway I got a lot of fun during the developing so I thought to post one of them. Obviously to install the tool you need an unlocked windows phone 7 smartphone and a deployer tool.

SecMes is a tool usefull to secure your E-Mail and SMS with 256-bit AES encryption, you can send and receive encrypted message between friends, just setting the same key.

Main Screen

It also allow to save separated key for each contact, in order to have different keys for any friends.


All the keys are stored in the phone so i added a login screen to access the main page just to get more privacy from other eyes.


Url: SecMes 1.4.11.rar

Pass: locu

MD5 Checksum: 8330fa9bacbd5cad18d099038f73f83e


BitCoin Hash: 13ptqWWvsNvm6ZZczmoPkyfa6RLt7yU64E



    1. Thank’s a lot, really appreciate your work and efforts! Gonna underline this by donating you a couple of beers….if i ever learn how to use this bitcoin stuff ^^

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