SuperVox vx-1107: Rom Upgrade

Recently I got this tablet from a friend of mine that asked me if was possible to upgrade or change the ROM in order to improve the hardware and software performace (this is a chinese low-cost tablet the touch screen sucks and the wifi disconnects every 5 minutes because the firmware is really poor) so i started looking around the web for a solution and after a couple of hours I got it upgraded and fully functional.


Warning: flashing improperly could brick your device!     

The first thing to do in these cases is to try to get more information about the device so let’s start.

The model name is easily found on the back of tablet itself as you see in the pic below.


We find other interesting information on the boot screen of the device like the OS, the kernel and the firmware version and as last thing we get the processor’s type directly from technical specifications in this case WM8650 800Mhz

Boot Screen

We have collected all the information so we can begin to see which ROM to load on the device. There are different ROMs to use two of the most famous are Uberoid or Modroid, personally i prefer Uberoid, so we need to download the latest stable release for the processor WM8650 from techknow site.

Alert!!! If you want to make a backup copy of your rom follow the instructions found in the downloaded package!

Now we have everything we need to start our work, put a formatted(FAT32) micro SD card into your computer and run the file CHANGER.bat, you will see the following screen

Uberoid Rom Config

choose the option 30 and follow the instructions, at the end of this three-step put the micro SD into your tablet and start it. If you followed all the steps in the right way your tablet will be updated in a few minutes.

Uberoid Main Screen

Enjoy your improved shitty tablet!


Useful links:





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