InfoHost: Reverse IP Lookup Tool

I needed a tool like this for job so I decided to code it maybe it could be useful for someone else.

Added multithreading support and whois service.

Link: InfoHost v.0.8.12

MD5 Checksum: c795c6da00e9ae32adb564127b96a448

Version 0.7.12:

Link: InfoHost v.0.7.12

MD5 Checksum: 0d906cb8d504766851f6f5004c9613ac

Special thanks to:



  1. Hey that’s pretty cool. What did you write it in? C#? Are you sharing the project / source or just the binary? Since you wrote this tool I’m assuming a site like would be right up your alley. Check it out sometime.

    1. Hi, the tool is coded in C# i’ve not shared the source because it’s a very simple tool(the assembly is not obfuscated so it could be decompiled w/o problem). Thanks for the link that site seem to have some interesting service maybe i will add few of them in the next release.

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