ColorSchemer Studio 2.1 KeyGen

It is passed a long time since I made a keygen so today I found a bit of time to make a jump into the past… go ahead to see a video and the source…




When Reversing meet SQL Injection

It’s been a while since i wrote my last thread, life goes fast and the time is always less than before. Anyway lately i found an interesting target that push me up to write few lines about this case.  Someone i knew in a forum has posted a thread regarding a software (an Epson  print cartridges resetter) that use a server validation to work, nothing special but i had some free time and i start working on it.


Windows Mobile Remote debugging

This tutorial will show you how to debug a windows mobile application through the ida remote debugger for wince. The target is KingKanji a japanese flashcard program that emphasizes writing as well as reading. This tutorial is for beginner user in fact there is no wizardry to learn watching the video, it’s just a basic lesson about the cracking approach and the IDA remote debugging. I hope you’ll find it interesting.

The video can be found  here.

Pocket Tanks Deluxe vs Format String (BOF)

Today I will show you a format string vulnerability that I found on pocket tanks deluxe. This type of weakness can be very dangerous if well handled. In fact is possible to cause a remote buffer overflow on the victim machine and maybe a shell injection to take the control of remote pc.