Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7: Remote Crash

Few days ago i was working with windows phone media streaming and i’ve produced a file wmv (Windows Media Video) that crash the phone when opened in the browser’s player.

I don’t know how to debug native apps so i can’t localize where the bug is. I put the file here for further analysis.

Rar MD5 Hash: b2ca3a13354b2349514782443d23211d



Windows Phone 7: SecMes

Recently I bought a “Samsung Omnia 7”  and I have started some projects, just to get more feeling with the work enviroment, I found a very poor framework, many apis are not yet implemented and silverlight sucks, anyway I got a lot of fun during the developing so I thought to post one of them. Obviously to install the tool you need an unlocked windows phone 7 smartphone and a deployer tool.