Finding Vulnerabilities through GitHub

GitHub is a very good software repository but it can be also used to find vulnerabilities using its own search engine…



SuperVox vx-1107: Rom Upgrade

Recently I got this tablet from a friend of mine that asked me if was possible to upgrade or change the ROM in order to improve the hardware and software performace (this is a chinese low-cost tablet the touch screen sucks and the wifi disconnects every 5 minutes because the firmware is really poor) so i started looking around the web for a solution and after a couple of hours I got it upgraded and fully functional.



When Reversing meet SQL Injection

It’s been a while since i wrote my last thread, life goes fast and the time is always less than before. Anyway lately i found an interesting target that push me up to write few lines about this case.  Someone i knew in a forum has posted a thread regarding a software (an Epson  print cartridges resetter) that use a server validation to work, nothing special but i had some free time and i start working on it.


Cam4: Persistent XSS Aka Worm

A friend of mine has told me about this website so I take a look at it and i was impressed to see thousands of free live webcam with any sorts of sex perversions (sounds like a piece of paradise or hell depends from the points of view). Therefore i start thinking about security and, after 10 minutes, i found a critical flaw in the user profile.